A look behind the scenes at the Monte Carlo casino: 10 extraordinary facts about the casino

Carlo casino

A building was built in Monaco almost a century and a half ago, whose fame and fame extends far beyond the borders of the state. The Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most famous casinos in the world. And here are 10 secrets about this casino that you probably didn’t know.

One of the oldest casinos in the world

Did you know that the Monte Carlo Casino has been in operation since 1890? The Monte Carlo casino is one of the oldest casinos in the world. The first casino building opened in Monaco in 1862, but was almost completely burned down in a fire soon afterwards. The architect who designed today’s magnificent building was Charles Garnier, who also designed the Opera House in Paris. In 1878, Garnier built a magnificent Belle Epoque-style palace that houses the casino and the opera.

Casino, Opera House, And Ballet

The complex called “Casino Monte Carlo” has a complex structure. It includes a casino, an opera house and the headquarters of the state ballet “Les Ballets de Monte Carlo”.

Casino Monte Carlo and gambling addiction

Carlo casino

Are you worried about spending too much money at Casino Monte Carlo? Then be calm: casino staff will check it. There are a whole bunch of restrictions here, in which you cannot spend more than a certain amount, are not accepted for bets instead of monetary objects and accessories. In addition, gambling regulars in particular ask the administration to deprive them of any methods of influence in order to stop them at a certain point.

Splendor of the interior

Yes, there are many gamblers who like to gamble at home, but what about enjoying casino games in a magnificent hall? The interior of the casino is very magnificent, especially the lobby, which survived a major fire in the second half of the 19th century. The roulette and poker rooms are imbued with a special atmosphere of strict classicism. In contrast, the room in which the slot machines are set up has a fairly modern design.

Are you born in Monaco? Then you are not allowed to play here!

Monaco residents are not allowed to play in casinos. This ban is dictated by the administration’s concern for fairness and nothing more. In addition, the residents of Monaco are the employees of the casino.

Beginners and real fortune hunters

Do you just want to have fun or really test your luck? Depending on your answer, you should enter one of the two rooms in the casino.

There are two rooms in the casino: for beginners who place small bets and for real players who play a lot. As a rule, representatives of beginners are not allowed to play in the main hall.

Casino Of Stunning Stakes

Carlo casino

In the Monte Carlo casino, bets can start from a hundred euros and go up to several million. In casino jargon, a “big player” is a player whose bet reaches several million euros.

There are also slot machines here

After you have bought chips, you can try your luck not only on slot machines, but also on slot machines. All slot machines are so popular that their chance of luck does not escape even those who are not called enthusiastic players. In the Monte Carlo casino, modern machines stand next to old ones.

Setting for many films

The Monte Carlo Casino has already been the setting for several film productions. Two James Bond films were filmed in the casino: “Never Say Never Again” (1983) with Sean Connery and “Goldeneye” (1995) with Pierce Brosnan. The director of the American action film “Fast and Furious 5” Justin Lin also chose the walls of a legendary casino for his film plot.

Casino Monte Carlo and winnings tax

The license to open a casino was granted by Prince Charles III. awarded to the banker François Blanc. In order to attract customers, the prince exempted all players from winnings tax. Since then, successful players in Monaco no longer pay taxes.

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